03/31/14 (cont)

Zaire and Naz are convinced to enter the castle and they come into a main hallway type thing where a bag is laying. Naz of course attempts to steal it but is caught by Tarique. She quickly lies her way out of trouble but the bag disappears.

There’s nothing they can really do about that so they continue to the next room.

Tarique, Vassu, and Shava go up the ramp into the throne room with a little trouble and Tarique, being tired from the climb, sits down in the throne. She is then frozen to it and Shava tries to use Tarique’s axe to free her which doesn’t end up doing anything except partially freezing it. Meanwhile Vaasu convinces Tarique that this is merely a test of her loyalty to her (bahamut.)

Zaire, Azmus, and Naz go into the left most room and it ends up being a storage room. They loot it and Zaire finds the bag that had disappeared earlier. After this, Naz picks the lock for the rightmost room but all there is inside is frozen food and a partially frozen golden goblet.

Zaire wants to flame the room but Naz convinces him otherwise because the room might melt. Naz then tries to take the goblet but it is incredibly cold when she touchs it and then it glows. She then leaves it alone but there are other doors in the room. They go through one and hear a loud roar.

Tarique then manages to escape from the throne she was frozen to and Shava attempts with no avail to open a chest that’s in the throne room while Vaasu distracts Tarique.

Meanwhile past the door that Zaire, Naz, and Azmus went through there is an icy ladder which they all climb. Zaire and Naz fall as they’re going up and Azmus manages to catch them. Then Naz regains her grip and continues up the ladder but Zaire does not and both he and Azmus fall.

Naz reaches the top and sees rainbow clouds though she has absolutely no idea what this means. Zaire finally gets up as well but he also doesn’t really know anything about the clouds. They call down to Azmus who, being a high elf, went to high elf school and knows things. Azmus tells them that they’re in the astral sea and both Zaire and Naz decide that nothing can really be done from atop the tower they’re on.

Zaire climbs about halfway down and then falls and Naz jumps off and does a flip before landing fine. Azmus, Zaire, and Naz go back out of that room and are somehow teleported to the main hall rather than the frozen food room. 

They then decide it’d be best to meet up with everyone and they go to the throne room. Zaire is exhausted by this point and rests on Tarique’s shoulder.

Everyone tries to go though the double doors in the throne room but they’re blocked by a magic barrier. Many things are tried to get through it but no one manages until Azmus just teleports through it. Though it leads to a gross dwarven tunnel and he leaves almost immediately and ends up back in the throne room.

Tarique hits the door with her partially frozen axe which tears a hole in it, though only for her. She goes through with Zaire still on her shoulder and they end up in a grassy field.

In several attempts to get though the door by tricking it to think she’s someone else, Naz shapeshifts before returning to Kveikja’s form and lockpicking the door. No one present seems to particularly care that she was not actually who she’d been. 

Lockpicking the door worked and she went through only to end up in a jail cell that she immediately left. Zaire also leaves the place beyond the door because it is a place of the gods. 

Shava tries to walk through the doors and succeeds because earlier, when trying various things, she hit the door with a beam of light but never bothered to try to get though afterwards. She ends up in a large college full of blank magic books. She leaves.

Zaire walks though the door and ends up in a dark cave but leaves soon after. He enters again and now there is another bat. After several attempts to either talk to it or hit it he realizes it’s an illusion and walks through the nearest wall, arriving at a porch in the astral sea. 

Naz goes back into the jail cell and now there is a chest. It’s unlocked and she opens it but there’s nothing inside so out of frustration she throws it. It passes through a wall and she uses sneak and goes through the wall as well before meeting up with Zaire.

Vaasu goes through the door and ends up at what she had thought to be a rock before realizing it was a dragon when it took off. Vaasu attempts to stab the dragon but it does nothing.

Shava enters the college again and now there is a candle there. There are also a few books behind glass so she breaks that but the books have nothing in them as well. She then sets everything on fire with the candle, though the fire doesn’t actually burn anything though she doesn’t seem to realize this. She uses several ice spells to try to quell the fire but they do nothing. She gives up.

Azmus returns to the dwarves tunnels and this time there are dwarves actually there. Azmus ends up just teleporting through the wall and meets up with Zaire and Naz. They all go through the door in front of them only to find a large chasm which Zaire flies across. After a few attempts, Naz uses her grappling hook to get across. Both Zaire and Naz leave Azmus on the other side of the chasm and continue into the next room that houses only frozen trophies and a door. Despite Naz’s best attempts at unlocking the frozen door, she is unable. 

Tarique is having a wonderful time at the grassy god fields and Bahamut appears and flies overhead. Then Bahamut swoops down and seemingly attempts to harm Tarique. Because of this Tarique thinks she had failed her god and falls to the ground crying.

Vaazu leaves the dragon rock place and returns to the ice castle but soon turns around and goes right back in. She sits on the dragon and then through an incredible feat of perception, she realizes that the place she is in is an illusion. She then appears alone at the astral sea porch.

Shava soon realizes as well that her room is an illusion and appears near Vaasu while Tarique realizes that Bahamut is not actually Bahamut and is also transported to the porch at the astral sea. 
Tarique ends up talking with the actual Bahamut and he informs her that he is not Vaasu. She ignores this for now and decides that it will be dealt with later.

Shava, Vaasu, and Tarique enter the chasm room and Tarique throws Vaasu across, though Shava is too heavy for her to throw. 

While that is happening Zaire tries a fire spell on the frozen door and it does absolutely nothing.

Shava ends up jumping into the chasm followed by Naz, Zaire (who glides down), Azmus (who teleports down), and Tarique. Vaasu ends up somewhat slipping into the chasm though mostly on purpose. 

Everyone hits magic water inside a large glowing dome. Everyone climbs out and slide down the side of the dome. They end up in a dungeon. The dome is still a glowing dome. 

Naz tries to steal a shackle that is attached to the wall and fails but doing this it is realized that the shackle is in fact made out of iron and not ice. 

Zaire pulls out the magical bag he took earlier and Naz lies successfully to Tarique about it being his all along. Zaire then flies up and deposits the bag into the the water in the glowing dome. Everything starts to melt and Zaire lands in the water which apparently tastes like egg whites.

Tarique, using her history knowledge, finds out that the dome is not actually a dome but a dragon egg from the Primordial era. Zaire then realizes that he basically fertilized a dragon egg.

The room is filling up with water and everyone hides from the dragon, save for Zaire. Vaasu turns invisible.

The dragon turns out to be a lava dragon and it imprints on Zaire.

The room is now filled with a mixture of egg-whites and water and Azmus is so allergic to egg-whites he insta-teleports out of there. 

Everyone tries to climb the walls since the room is filling up and after several attempts everyone makes it to the top. They come out from the mote surrounding the ice castle and clim up next to the bridge. 

It then dawned on them that the whole exploring the castle was completely useless and they leave. As soon as they do it disappears from existence.

All are exhausted and go to sleep and everyone sleeps well except for the baby dragon who is following Zaire now. After waking Zaire suddenly runs off in what he thinks is pursuit of Kveikja and Naz follows.

Tarique and Shava go to check on the town and find out that everything is fine except the town is a little bit chilly. The two then buy an entire cake. Tarique decides to get a tattoo. 

Zaire gives up his random search for Kveikja and hangs out in the trees outside of town, whilst Naz does a flip into town. 

Art by AnnaThis one turned out somehow less purple. 

Art by Anna
This one turned out somehow less purple. 

Art by Kyrie!Not sure why the scanner turned it purple.

Art by Kyrie!
Not sure why the scanner turned it purple.


Zaire and Naz brought Kveikja to the inn after leaving the forest. They paid for a room and slept there. Kveikja slept badly and after waking up he talked with Zaire and Naz. Kveikja had a brief moment of doubt of the fact that Naz was his subconscious but then he was completely sure that she was. He was also absolutely certain that Zaire was his Voice of Reason. Naz convinced Kveikja to pay for the inn and tried to get him to give her a gold coin so she could pay for it. He dismissed the idea and then tried to take Zaire with him to pay.

Tarique, Seven’s Paladin Half-Orc, and Shava, Nicole’s elf partied all night. The next morning Tarique bought expensive wine from the dragon born and took a sip. Afterwards she was tipsy.

Kveikja descends the stairs with Zaire on his shoulder but falls down the rest of the stairs. Zaire manages to land completely fine but the innkeeper glares at them. Meanwhile Tarique is freaking out about getting tipsy so she’s crying but goes to help Kveikja up anyway. Kveikja asks Tarique’s name but never offers his own and Tarique goes back to what she was doing. 

With Zaire on his shoulder again, Kveikja goes and tries to pay for his room with the wrong amount of money, all the while still hungover, and the innkeeper informs him that his room has already been paid for.  

Kveikja had left Naz in his room so she jumps out the window, lands fine, and then proceeds to steal various items from surrounding villagers.

Azmus got a rough night’s meditation and tries going back to it but the innkeeper begins to get angry so he leaves and proceeds to be an angsty elven teen.

Zaire tries to sneak away from Kveikja but it ends horribly and he ends up falling off of his shoulder and makes a whole lot of noise. This pisses off the dragonborn and he throws them both out of the inn, though Kveikja doesn’t seem to realize that he had to physically grab Zaire and that he’s not actually a figment of his hungover mind. Kveikja then wanders off to go contemplate his place in the universe.

Tarique tries to stop crying but fails and Shava attempts to cheer her up but doesn’t do well at all. Because Tarique is making such a fuss the innkeeper grabs her by the scruff of her neck and throws her out, which results in her having claw gashes on her neck. Shava then quits her job as a bartender and does so well enough that she is able to take cake beforehand, which she gives to Tarique. 

Zaire tries to help Tarique cheer up and Tarique is convinced “YOU DON’T KNOW ME.” Zaire then manages to actually cheer her up and while he’s doing this, Naz successfully steals Tarique’s cake. Zaire then heals Tarique’s injuries after a few attempts.They all then hear a piercing howl and they prepare for the oncoming battle.

The nice old man that gave everyone free beer gets sliced in half by a jackal that is wearing clothes not unlike the mayor was earlier and Zaire, Naz, Tarique, and Shava fight the jackal.

Tarique is unable to harm the jackal after she sees the fear in it’s eyes and very few attacks from others hit it until Shava does and it runs into the woods. They pursue it and a silvery dragon, Bahamut, flies over them. Cassie’s Bard Gnome, Vaasu, falls off and in a fit off happiness for a sign from her god, Tarique grabs her and keeps running. Naz then steals Vaasu from Tarique and lies well enough that Tarique thinks she was doing her a favour by taking the gnome.

Azmus sees them all running feverishly past and he decides to walk casually after them.

Naz is slowing down because she’s not particularly strong and passes Vaasu back to Tarique. While this happens Shava falls on her face and more howling is heard. Just then a unicorn followed by and elf and wolf run past and Tarique senses that the elf and wolf are neither elves nor wolves and Tarique, Zaire, and Naz follow them. 

The wolf grows spikes out of its back and Tarique sets down Vaasu. They all fight the elf and wolf except Vaasu sits by the nearby tree and cries. They kill the wolf and elf and the trees are bleeding because they were hit by a missed attack.

After the fight Tarique heals Zaire and Vaasu thinks that she’s high but Tarique is convinced Vaasu is possibly Bahamut. Afterwards everyone begins walking again and they happen across a large stone castle.

Vassu, Shava, and Tarique go across the bridge and they can now see that it’s an ice castle and obviously since it’s ice, Vassu feels the need to ice skate on it. 


We started at a festival in an elven town and the mayor was acting kind of shifty. Jesse’s character, Zaire, who is an anthrobat,was in the trees to get away from the noise. Alex’s Kveikja, a wood elf, was drinking the free beer and eating. Cat’s high elf, Azmus, went and bought expensive wine from the dragonborn inn keeper.
After that Kveikja and Azmus started talking but Kveikja was drunk and Alex rolled to seduce Azmus which was successful. Anna’s character, Naz, a changeling, who was stealing from people and eating, stole yarn and then made a birdhouse. She hung it up and met Zaire and they talked. Naz was disguised as Kveikja.

Then a confrontation between Kveikja and Naz happened and Zaire and Naz managed to somewhat convince the drunken Kveikja that they were both figments of his imagination. Kveikja went over to show them to Azmus but then Zaire and Naz were gone by the time they got there. In their attempts to get away they both failed miserably at first but did fine afterwards. By that time it got to be night and Naz stole Azmus’ expensive wine during an incredibly confusing confrontation between herself, Kveikja, and Azmus. Kveikja was very drunk and passed out and then Azmus went back to the inn and fell asleep on the floor.

Zaire and Naz drank the expensive wine and Zaire challenged her to a drinking competition. Zaire ended up passing out and Naz pick pocketed from him so well that he unconsciously conjured 2 gallons of water and drenched himself.

Naz was pretty drunk but managed to somehow tie Zaire to a tree perfectly so he woldnt fall out when he slept and due to the incredible skill Naz used when tying him to the tree he was also invisible. Then Naz failed to tie herself to the tree and fell out so she just passed out against the trunk.
They later woke up and Zaire cured them both from their hangovers. Afterwards they encountered a rabid dog and killed it.